Sarfati's Selection

Stefano Sarfati is an institution when it comes to organic, biodynamic and natural wines in Italy. In 2005, coming from an informatic background, he found himself launching a distribution company, reselling organic wines when they still weren’t fashionable in Milan nor in the rest of Italy.

The step from pioneer to icon was short, considering the extreme success that this trend has acquired over time, in Italy and beyond.

All the producers that collaborate with Stefano are organic, many of them biodynamic. The wines derive from spontaneous fermentations, and the only possible addition to them is sulfur dioxide, which is never more than 50 mg/L (half of the legal limit indicated by the biological specification).
These wines are all “made in the vineyard”, by setting as main goal the health and natural growth of the vine. The interventions in the cellar are minimal, mostly focused on allowing the wine to follow its natural process, narrating the characteristics of the land in which it grows. Each wine is the reflection of its native area, all one has to do is to listen to the story it is telling.

Natural wines are the logical partners of quality food, reason why Sarfati serves the best restaurants in Italy, both starred and not.
We are lucky to collaborate with Stefano, bringing abroad what he has carefully selected over time, having the delicate task of being respectful spokesperson.

Contact us to find out more, we’ll show you the labels available in your country.