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About Us

Routes of Italy

Routes of Italy is a new challenge.

Our goal is to sell wine, but not by publicizing a well-known name or following the wine trends of the moment. We want to start from quality products, with a story to tell, and collaborate with producers, leading distributors and local administrations to enhance, together with the wine sector, also the cultural and economic aspects related to it.

The strengths of our project:
• we are offering you companies and territories of excellence unknown to most, with rare and high quality products
• thanks to our wide network of contacts we are flexible in the offer, finding solutions for each and every need
• we select forthright wines that best represent the characteristics of the territory
• logistics mastering and numerous international business partners allow us to ship efficiently all over the world

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Our Story

Forma Italiana

We have been in the trading world for over 40 years. Starting in 1972, thanks to a favorable collaboration with IKEA, for which we operated as a central purchasing office throughout Southern Europe, we patiently created the foundations of what is now a company recognized all over the world.
Our work is based on two fundamental principles that characterize us in any area and which we always place as priorities: cooperation and loyalty in the relationship with suppliers, satisfaction and speed in customer service.

When it comes to a delicate sector like exchanges and interaction between distant places and realities, efficiency is the key word to complete the work. And to obtain it, experience is necessary, the mother of practical and theoretical tools: consolidated relations on foreign markets, an international platform with global distribution, speed of penetration and control of the market and its growth.

Our company operates daily in the field of wholesale and retail distribution with 4 stores of 12500 square meters (around 3 acres), 10,000 SKUs and 20 million stocks available in stock. We work with products of perfumery, cosmetics, personal care, hygiene of the house.
Our service includes drop-shipping, relabeling and repackaging of any type and size.

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Our Home

Oltrepò Pavese

This semi-unknown triangle of land extends below the river Po, a feature from which it takes its name. We are in Lombardy, province of Pavia, in an area used for wine production since the dawn of time and particularly suited to Pinot Noir, which, some say, grows in these valleys since Roman times.
Overloaded by rugged and severe hills, mainly calcareous / clayey, the Oltrepò Pavese today has almost 14,000 hectares of vineyards, making it one of the first five Italian denominations by extension.
But this is not exclusively ground by numbers, it is a source of historical dedication, family businesses, patience and resilience. And among the most commercial wine cellars, those who work "in the old way" stand out for their quality, protecting the differences of a land full of character. Here Pinot Noir is vinified in every possible nuance: the classic Rosè method is famous, but the elegant white version and the extremely difficult and complex vinification of still red wine are just as interesting.
Our curated portfolio includes the most exciting producers inhabiting and taking care of these hills. We offer you some of the finest wines from Oltrepò Pavese, we hope you will love them as much as we do.

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Emilia Romagna

The Producers

Everyday at work, with passion.

Routes of Italy is based on the qualification and consolidation of the socio-economic development of the Italian wine production areas. We aim to promote the export, to support the diffusion of Italian wine and other typical products of the territory in the foreign markets.
The producers that we represent work everyday with great passion to develop their territory and value what it has to offer.